Peter Rawlings
Assistant Vice President | Production

Peter Rawlings is an accomplished commercial and multifamily mortgage professional with a strong record of recognized success in loan origination and management in both the private and government sector.

Mr. Rawlings brings with him his experience with the Department of Housing and Urban Development in building relationships, providing strong financial analysis, streamlining operations, applying due diligence, and complying with laws and regulations. His outstanding knowledge of mortgage requirements and strong follow-through on commitments supported the closing of more than $1.6 billion in loans under the Office of Affordable Housing and Preservation. 

Mr. Rawlings developed a wealth of experience with Green improvements and financing managing and directing the $250 million Office of Affordable Housing and Preservation Utility Monitoring Program under the Green Retrofit and Green Initiative Programs. His responsibilities enabled HUD to restructure and originate multifamily property loans under the Mark-to-Market Green Initiative and provide new grant originations under the Green Retrofit Program and Energy Innovation Fund.

Mr. Rawlings successfully completed the Mortgage Bankers Association's comprehensive FHA Multifamily Underwriter training program in June 2015.

Prior to working with HUD, Mr. Rawlings was an originations analyst with Prudential Mortgage Capital Company.  

Mr. Rawlings may be reached at 202.293.8032 or by email at