Loan Servicing

We are an industry leader with a dedicated team of servicing and asset management professionals

S&P Global "Strong" ranked commercial primary loan servicer

We provide portfolio management nationwide for all capital providers including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, insurance companies, banks and more than 270 securitizations. By retaining servicing on the majority of loans we close, including agency transactions, we're able to provide a level of service unsurpassed in the industry. Our knowledgeable professionals handle each client’s needs with expert care while staying engaged through the life of the loan.  

Together with our expansive online servicing platform offering real-time loan information, best-in-class support is just a call or click away.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service professionals are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm ET.



Have questions about loan servicing and asset management? Find the answers you need for these topics:

  • General servicing
  • Borrower Insight®
  • Payments
  • Taxes and insurance
  • Borrower requests
  • Reserves

Borrower Insight

View your real-time loan information with Borrower Insight—our secure online servicing platform for convenient anywhere, anytime access.

General servicing

Find answers to general servicing frequently asked questions.

How can I find my servicing contacts?

Your servicing contacts are located in Borrower Insight on the Dashboard tab.

How do I obtain an amortization schedule?

Amortization schedules are available in Borrower Insight.

How do I access loan or escrow activity reports?

Loan and escrow activity reports are available in Borrower Insight.

Borrower Insight

Find answers to Borrower Insight frequently asked questions.

How do I register for Borrower Insight?

You can register online in about 10 minutes.

What loan information can I access with Borrower Insight?

You can view, download and print up-to-the-minute loan information.

What if I forget my Borrower Insight username?

If you're unable to remember your Borrower Insight username, please call Customer Service at 877-262-6063 or email for assistance.

What if I forget my Borrower Insight password?

If you're unable to remember your password, please try resetting it online. From the Borrower Insight Log In page, select Forgot your password? and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you're still unable to access your account, call Customer Service at 877-262-6063 or email for assistance.

I added multiple loans to my Borrower Insight account, but they're showing as “pending”. What should I do?

If your loans are showing as “pending” in Borrower Insight, please call Customer Service at 877-262-6063 or email and let us know you've added multiple loans to your account.

Will I be charged a fee for using Borrower Insight?

No. Grandbridge doesn't charge a fee to use or access Borrower Insight.

How do I toggle between different loans in Borrower Insight?

If you have multiple loans in Borrower Insight, simply select Asset in the drop-down menu bar to change loans.

Can I view my billing statement in Borrower Insight?

Billing statements aren't currently available in Borrower Insight. However, we'll gladly provide statement copies upon request.


Find answers to payment frequently asked questions.

How can I make a payment?

We offer a variety of convenient payment options.

How do I set up automatic monthly payments?

Automatic payments are a convenient and worry-free way to make your monthly loan payments.

How long does it take to set up automatic payments?

After we’ve received your completed Automatic Payment (ACH) Authorization form (PDF) and voided check, automatic payments typically begin on your next payment due date.

How do I change the bank account for my automatic payments?

If you wish to change the bank account for your automatic payments, please provide your new bank account information as soon as possible to avoid missed payments.

Taxes and insurance

Find answers to tax and insurance frequently asked questions.

How can I reach my tax and insurance contacts?

Our tax and insurance professionals can be reached by phone, email or mail.

Where can I locate my current tax and/or insurance escrow balance?

Your tax and/or escrow balance can be found on your monthly billing statement. It's also available in Borrower Insight.

How can I get copies of my tax bill(s)?

Many jurisdictions mail tax bills directly to the owner of record, per the municipalities’ tax records.

Where should I send my insurance invoices for payment?

Please forward insurance invoices for payment to the insurance department.

Can I stop escrowing for my insurance and/or taxes?

To stop escrowing requires approval from your lender because the requirement for escrows is typically contemplated prior to the loan closing and is memorialized in the loan documents executed at closing.

Where can I locate proof of payment for my insurance premiums or property taxes?

Confirmation of escrowed tax and/or insurance bill disbursements can be found in Borrower Insight.

When will my property taxes be paid?

Property taxes are typically paid between the tax due date and 30 days prior to the tax due date.

I’m in the process of a property tax appeal. What should I do?

In order for us to provide you with the best possible service, please contact us as soon as the appeal is filed and provide your appeal documentation.

Can I request property taxes be paid prior to year-end for taxes due the following year?

Yes. If you'd like to pre-pay taxes for the following year, please submit a written request to your tax analyst. Pre-payment requests must be submitted annually.

My property’s assessed value has decreased. Can my monthly tax escrow amount be lowered?

We can't lower escrow constants based on decreased assessments alone. In addition to assessed values, tax millage rates can also change.

My escrow analysis indicates a surplus. How can I collect the excess funds?

If you believe there are excess funds in your account, please contact your tax or insurance analyst.

My insurance carrier or agent changed. What should I do?

If your insurance carrier or agent changed, please notify your insurance analyst immediately to ensure all insurance coverage requirements of your lender are met when coverage is written with the new carrier.

Why am I receiving renewal letters about my insurance coverage?

These letters are sent as a reminder that your insurance is due to expire soon and we haven't received proof of updated coverage.

We send renewal reminder letters to all borrowers, with a copy to the agent, at 60 and 30 days prior to the expiration date of your policy.

Why did I receive a request from Grandbridge to provide a complete copy of my insurance policy if there's already an insurance certificate or ACORD on file?

Generally, insurance certificates and ACORDs issued by insurance agents and carriers are for informational purposes only and can't be used to guarantee or enforce the coverages or provisions of the actual policy.

How often will I receive an Escrow Account Disclosure Statement?

We analyze your tax and/or insurance escrow account at least once every 12 months to ensure there are sufficient funds being collected to make future scheduled payments.

I received an Annual Escrow Analysis statement. Is there anything I need to do with it?

We recommend carefully reviewing your statement for accuracy and notifying us of any discrepancies.

My property sustained a loss. What should I do?

If your property sustains a loss, please notify your asset manager with details.

I received additional and/or revised tax bills from the jurisdiction. What should I do?

Please forward any and all billings and/or correspondence from the taxing authority or tax department to us at

Borrower requests

Find answers to frequently asked questions about borrower requests.

How do I obtain a lender-approved payoff statement?

To obtain a payoff statement, contact Customer Service by phone at 877-262-6063 or by email at

My property management company changed. What should I do?

Typically, a change in property management companies requires your lender’s consent prior to the start date of the new firm.

How should I submit required financial reporting information, such as operating statements and rent rolls?

You can submit required financial reporting information, as outlined in your loan documents, to


Find answers to frequently asked questions about reserves.

How often can I draw down on my reserves?

Please refer to your loan documents for guidance on the frequency of draw requests.

What documentation is required to release funds?

Please refer to your loan documents for guidance on the documentation required to release funds.

Why do I need a lien waiver?

Lenders typically require lien wavers from each contractor and material supplier providing labor and/or materials for capital improvements as a means to confirm the vendor has been paid in full and that there are no outstanding claims against the property.

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